The good and bad karmas that have got accrued in our earlier lives and the karmas we are adding every day in our present life is responsible for how pleasant or how difficult our present life is and would be. There is no other go other than suffering from the sorrows in one's life. But our kind-hearted Sai Baba took avatar at Shiridi to rescue one and all in this human life and guide them safely cross this ocean of misery, successfully.

Because it is only Shiridi Sai Baba, who has assured that he will get rid of the karmas of all his devotees. Sai Baba's words and grace have much potency to get rid of the ill effects of the bad karmas. Hence to end suffering, "Shiridi Sai Prarthana Samaj" is now providing a great opportunity for group prayer. Through such Group Prayers, crores of devotees can get rid of their sufferings, as sincere prayers will reach the feet of the Sai Baba undiluted, enabling them to get Sai Baba's grace to overcome diseases, obstacles in life and issues related to business growth, fixing right marriage alliances, progeny, job which are worldly needs of man. Sai Baba's saying that "Whatever be the needs of my devotees, I can easily make them achieve" is indeed real.Communion with Sai Baba with a very open mind itself is a prayer; recital of Sai Baba's name is the guide in our life. Without knowing this, when problems and troubles encompass us alone we run to god.

Also the thinking process that it is enough that I visit Sai Baba just once every week is also not correct. Sai Baba is there with us always. When we eat food, Drink water, am I dedicating them as an offering to Sai Baba? This we must be reflecting constantly. When the closeness between God and our selves reduces, it becomes very difficult to arrest the negative thoughts.

Group Praye is a mighty weapon. It makes Sai Baba run towards us. We also get to become closer to Sai Baba. Sai Baba ensures that He Satisfies realized that through Group Prayer many good tasks can be accomplished. Every day at Sun Rise, Noon, Evening and during few moments in the midst of our daily chores as well, deep down our hearts we must constantly contemplate and meditate on our God Sai Baba as a matter of practice.

Prayer with sincere Faith, Devotion and complete surrender to Sai Baba's feet will bring to end, all the gruelling problems in life. Just remembering SAI, SAI is sufficient and is a great meditation. In this modern world, to induce faith in his Devotees and to solve all the perennial problems in our lives to pray for ourselves and to give us the much needed benefits for one and all devotees, Sai Baba in the form of every devotee conducts the group prayer Himself. To partake in this and get the benign blessings and also to experience life changing miracles we invite one and all to come and participate in the Group Prayer. You will achieve all your needs, you will accomplish all your wishes, gain victory in all your tasks you undertake, maya will disappear and you will be able to perceive the form and vision of "SaiSadguru".

If we achieve complete sharanagathi, no problems will afflict us.

Shiridi Sai Baba Says:

  • "Sai said my treasury is full and i can give anyone what he wants, but i have to see, whether he is qualified to receive my gift. If you listen to me carefully, you will be certainly benefited. While sitting in this masjid I never speak any untruth"
  • Hence we cordially invite you to come and attend Group Prayer and let us thus receive the right credentials to receive the benign blessings of Sai Baba.

Daily Mass Prayer (Shirdi Sai Prathana Samaj) at Thiruvanmiyur Shirdi Saibaba Temple.

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